Emerging Experimental Strategies for Studies on Inhomogeneous Nanomaterials. Exploring Electronics, Atomic Structure and Properties by Synchrotron X-Ray-Based Techniques


  • Félix Gregorio Requejo INIFTA


Through representative examples, we illustrate the strategic value of synchrotron X-ray-based techniques for nanomaterial characterization, especially for inhomogeneous nanomaterials. These examples are used to describe opportunities, motivations for new questions and possible reexamination of older topics, not only due to the proven success of the scientific instrumentation, but also because the extraordinary specific advantages offered by the new X-ray micro and nanoprobes techniques.

Author Biography

Félix Gregorio Requejo, INIFTA

Professor at the National University of La Plata (UNLP, Argentina) and Researcher at CONICET, he obtained his PhD in Physics from UNLP in 1993. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (CA, USA) in 2000 under the supervision Bio of Prof. M.B. Salmeron. Back in Argentina in 2003, he started to work in characterization of nanomaterials, employing techniques derived from the use of synchrotron radiation. Prof. Requejo has published over 130 articles in international journals. He led more than hundred research proposals at different synchrotron laboratories around the world and formed several Ph.D. students. He received the “Dra. María Cristina Giordano” Prize in 2010 and the KONEX Prize in Nanotechnology in 2013.